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Art des peuples d'Amazonie, une exposition aux Galeries nationales du Grand Palais.
Erol Otus' cover for TSR Basic Dungeons & Dragons Ruleset 2nd edition
Conquêtes, épées & idoles RPG. Fullcover for tome I
Conquêtes, épées & idoles RPG. Fullcover for tome II
Conquêtes, épées & idoles RPG. Fullcover for tome III
H. P. Lovecraft amid his monsters. This image is easy to find, but its source is unmentioned.
Erol Otus' cover for TSR AD&D Players' Handbook 1st edition
I don't remember where I found this one: diversity hides itself behind uniformity
Animated GIF by Waneella (
Animated GIF by the japanese Artist Toyoi (
Arcadebox : notre borne et système pour l'arcade en situation (Aurorae Solutions, 2019).jpg
Tropical Forest, Borneo (source: National Geographic)
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What took Nature millenia to create...
...Mankind annihilates in a few decades.
Animated GIF: Into the Wave, by Frederic Vayssouze Faure. Minimalism & multitude (
Animated GIF: a non Euclidian optical Illusion
Tropical Forest, Borneo - Kalimantan Island (external source)

Galerie de médias

Notre galerie de médias. diversité, minimalisme, mondes imaginaires, multitude, nature, uniformité.


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