Oonai : Services for Text Analysis and Classification

The way was rough and obscure, and never did they seem nearer to Oonai*, the city of lutes and dancing;
–The Quest of Iranon, by H. P. Lovecraft (*Oonai is NOT Aira!)

Oonai is a standalone software package that can also be used with chora to provide services for text analysis and classification across a network.

Oonai provides text analysis and classification through a simple unique API 

Oonai relies on several popular open source packages for machine learning, natural language text processing, digramic bayesian classification, vocal recognition and synthesis. It may also query thrid party APIs to obtain and serve additional informations. Its output is served in JSON, text or audio through http(s).

Start by reading the Overview of Oonai Document to learn more.



Oonai was first conceived as an extension to the chora data manager layer.

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